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Tarabasz Anna (University of Lodz, Poland)
The Model and Role of Online Communication in Intercultural Management
Journal of Intercultural Management, 2013, vol. 5, nr 4, s. 93-103, rys., bibliogr. 22 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Komunikowanie w internecie, Zarządzanie międzykulturowe
Communication on the Internet, Intercultural management
Communication via the Internet, regardless use of available tools, contributed significantly in reduced time of data flow and feedback reception. This is particularly important in case of companies with a complex structure and branches around the world. Information is available here for almost "at fingertips", 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless the time zone. Internet has also shortened the distance between message sender and recipient - in the form of direct information exchange (i.e. email exchange), as well as simplified the issue of indirect reach (i.e. via social networking sites or online campaigns). Although in literature of the subject many authors performed the analysis of mass communication models, but to no avail would seek for the flow chart strictly dedicated to the electronic exchange information. This article aims to present the model of online communication, drawing on best practices of mass communication and at the same time implementing components of the electronic promotion. The paper is also contributed to show the universality of such model application in the exchange of information within electronic means, which seems important in case of intercultural management. (original abstract)
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