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Lourié Basil
Intensio : Leibniz in Creating a New Term for the Modal Logic
Studia Humana, 2012, vol. 1(3/4), s. 59-65, bibliogr. 36 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Filozofia, Poglądy filozoficzne, Historia filozofii
Philosophy, Philosophical thought, History of philosophy
Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm
It is still difficult to say what the main source of Leibniz's modal thinking was; at least, his acquaintance with the ideas of Spanish Jesuits about the "moral necessity" is to be dated to the epoch when the modal ideas already took shape in his mind. There was, however, one name normally referred to by Leibniz himself as his main predecessor in modal thinking, Richard Swineshead. In fact, Leibniz created his personal myth about Swineshead even before having read his works, and so, he attributed to Swineshead some of his own ideas, including the modal reinterpretation of the term intensio borrowed from the mediaeval physics.(original abstract)
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