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Farruku Eglantina (University of Epoka Tirane, Albania)
Redefining Human Security : the Case of Albania
Annales : etyka w życiu gospodarczym, 2016, vol. 19, nr 4, s. 81-99, bibliogr. 53 poz.
Annales. Ethics in Economic Life
Słowa kluczowe
Bezpieczeństwo, Dobra osobiste, Dobrobyt społeczny, Polityka państwowa
Security, Personal rights, Social welfare, State policy
This paper offers a critical study of the concept and issues of human security. Its usage, definition and applicability may differ since different authors explain issues related to security differently. Although there is still no common definition on what human security is, most authors agree that human security is related to individuals in terms of their wellbeing. For too long, human security has been focused on the protection of state territory, regarded as the traditional perception of security. This kind of interpretation refers to a narrow security concept, not well constructed and incapable of addressing most of the important issues related to the security of the individual. The issue of security for a nation is quite different to the issue of security for individuals, because the first tends to protect the boundaries of the state where people live while the second aims to protect all human being from insecurities. Human security is a new challenge in today's world; it presents new threats which are far away from the threats generated by the traditional concept of human security. The new concept of human security should be analysed in people's daily lives, not in a country's guns and weapons. To protect people's lives means respecting all human rights prescribed in domestic law and international conventions; violating them means causing human insecurities and the failure of the state to fulfil its own responsibilities towards the law. Therefore, the protection and the welfare of the people should become first goal of the government. In cooperation with international organizations and NGOs, governments should find and promote appropriate policies to establish a political, economic and social security environment for all the people as citizens of that country. (original abstract)
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