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Block Walter E. (Loyola University New Orleans), Butt Joseph A. (Loyola University New Orleans)
Forestalling, Positive Obligations and the Lockean and Blockian Provisos: Rejoinder to Stephan Kinsella
Ekonomia - Wroclaw Economic Review, 2016, tom 22, nr 3, s. 27-41, bibliogr. s. 36-41
Słowa kluczowe
Wolność, Prawa człowieka, Własność intelektualna, Liberalizm
Freedom, Human rights, Intellectual property, Liberalism
summ.; Klasyfikacja JEL: K19
The Blockian proviso mandates that no one precludes or forestalls anyone else in their land homesteading patterns such that they prevent them from homesteading virgin encircled land. Kinsella (2007, 2009A) takes issue with this position and likens it to the properly denigrated Lockean proviso. The present paper is an attempt to distinguish the two provisos one from the other, and defend the former from Kinsella's critiques. (original abstract)
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