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Ciałowicz Beata (Cracow University of Economics, Poland / Kolegium Ekonomii, Finansów i Prawa), Malawski Andrzej (Cracow University of Economics, Poland / Wydział Finansów i Prawa)
Innovativeness of Banks as a Driver of Social Welfare
Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics (CEJEME), 2017, vol. 9, nr 2, s. 97-113, bibliogr. 19 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Innowacje finansowe, Model Arrowa-Debreu, Teoria rozwoju gospodarczego J. Schumpetera
Financial innovations, Arrow-Debreu model, J. Schumpeter theory of economic development
summ.; Klasyfikacja JEL: D11, D50, C6, O10, O30, O31
The general aim of the paper is to indicate the key role played by banks in Schumpeterian innovative evolution. It includes formal modelling of innovative evolution of financial subsystem of an economy which goes beyond routine behavior of banks deprived of innovative, financial strategies. Moreover this paper studies an impact of innovations in financial sphere of modified Debreu monetary economy on its real sector and, specifically, on social welfare. Thus the paper main aims are to prove that pro-innovative banks may intensify innovative evolution and to specify the sufficient conditions to guarantee the preservation of the rules of circular flow for a consumption sector within the innovative changes in banks behavior. (original abstract)
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