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Pospieszny Przemysław (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
Application of Data Mining Techniques in Project Management - an Overview
Roczniki Kolegium Analiz Ekonomicznych / Szkoła Główna Handlowa, 2016, nr 43, s. 199-220, wykr., bibliogr. 24 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Oprogramowanie, Jakość oprogramowania, Zarządzanie projektem, Górnictwo
Software, Software quality, Project management, Mining sector
In recent years data mining has been experiencing growing popularity. It has been applied for various purposes and become commonly used in day-to-day operations for knowledge discovery, especially in areas where uncertainty is substantial. Data mining is replacing traditional error prone and often ineffective techniques or is used in conjunction. Due to a large number of projects either struggling or even failing the researchers recognize its potential application in the project management discipline in order to increase project success rates. It can be used for different estimation problems like effort, duration, quality or maintenance cost. This paper presents a critical review of potential applications of data mining techniques contributing to the project management field.(original abstract)
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