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Renigier-Biłozor Małgorzata (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland), d'Amato Maurizio (Technical University Politecnico di Bari, Italy)
The Valuation of Hope Value for Real Estate Development
Real Estate Management and Valuation, 2017, vol. 25, iss. 2, s. 91-101, tab., bibliogr. 38 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Nieruchomości, Rynek nieruchomości, Wycena nieruchomości, Wartość nieruchomości
Real estate, Real estate market, Real estate valuation, Real estate’s value
Klasyfikacja JEL: C15, C18, D80, R20
Large-format advertisements are becoming a more and more common element of building facades, especially in city centers. Placing an object of this type is not without significance to the real property management. A large-format advertising billboard on the facade, on the one hand, is associated with the possibility of renting advertising space, on the other - it can lead to the occupancy of a right-ofway, which results in a necessity to pay appropriate fees, in the amount regulated by the Act on Public Roads. Placing an object such as a large-format advertising billboard in a right-of-way requires a permit of the manager of this road. However, if a billboard is located on the facade of a building, occupancy of the right-of-way is not always the case. If the boundary of the road parcel runs along the contour of the building, a billboard placed on the elevation will always occupy the right-of-way. However, property boundaries often run at a distance from the building. Such situations - desired by managers - result in a noticeable increase in demand for surveying opinions to determine what part of the rightof- way is occupied by a large-format advertisement. This article analyzes the cases of the right-of-way being occupied by large-format advertising placed on the facades of buildings in the city center. For selected objects, information was obtained from public records, National Cartographic Documentation Center database, and direct surveying was performed with various techniques. This allowed for an objective assessment of the possible use of available surveying methods and the acquired spatial data to determine the right-of-way occupied by large-format advertisements for purposes of real estate management. (original abstract)
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