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Sax Boria
E-Portfolios and the College Community: Towards a New Model of the Online Classroom
e-mentor, 2017, nr 2, s. 82-86, tab., bibliogr. 9 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Zdalne nauczanie, Technologie cyfrowe, Szkolnictwo wyższe
e-learning, Digital technologies, Higher education
If knowledge is socially constructed, as most contemporary models of online education maintain, it is likely to be lost if that community disperses abruptly at the end of an academic semester. Digital technologies of the online classroom, especially e-portfolios, create more fluid learning communities, which can continue to evolve and grow after a term has ended. These communities, in turn, suggest emerging models of an academic institution, in which the traditional Socratic goal of wisdom will, once again, become the central point or orientation. (original abstract)
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