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Wieteska-Rosiak Beata (University of Lodz)
Directions in climate change adaptation: case of Delta Cities network
Ekonomia i Środowisko, 2017, nr 2 (61), s. 20-30, bibliogr. 22 poz.
Economics and Environment
Słowa kluczowe
Urbanizacja, Zmiany klimatyczne, Rozwój miasta
Urbanisation, Climate change, City development
Klasyfikacja JEL: Q56; R00; 018
Contemporary social and economic development of cities is often challenged by the intensifi cation of extreme weather events caused by climate change. Their occurrence leads to damage in social, economic, environmental, and spatial sphere at multiple layers. Cities that make up the Delta Cities network are areas, which due to their location are exposed to similar climate events. As a result, it is necessary to improve their resilience and prepare society, economy, and the environment to the effects of negative events. In order to achieve it, urban space should be designed and developed in a way that would ensure the continuity of operations of enterprises and critical technical, social, and transport infrastructure. The goal of the paper is to identify threats and directions of adaptation actions undertaken by cities within the Delta Cities network to potentially develop waterfronts as areas especially exposed to sea-borne risks. The paper also draws attention to the fact that in adaptation strategies climate change is treated not only as a threat but also as opportunity for economic development, enhanced innovation, attractiveness, and competitiveness of the city. (original abstract)
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