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Tökölyová Tatiana (University College of International and Public Relation Prague, Bratislava)
Nation - Branding in Small - States Foreign Politics
Journal of Geography, Politics and Society, 2016, nr 6(4), s. 7-14, rys., bibliogr. 26 poz.
Selected Issues of Changes in Tourism in Central and Eastern Europe
Słowa kluczowe
Polityka zagraniczna, Budowanie świadomości marki
Foreign policy, Branding
Nowa Zelandia
New Zealand
The article deals with nation-branding under specific conditions of small states and their foreign relations. The first part is devoted to identification of the main specific features of small states from international relations point of view focusing to problems with classification criteria and instruments of their foreign policies. The following part of the article is devoted to analyse the role of nation branding in small state foreign policy based on example of New Zealand being traditionally identified as small state fulfilling all the above characteristics.(original abstract)
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