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Katalin Jäckel (Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences), Nagy Orsolya (Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences), Papp Judit (Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences), Balázs László (Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences)
Task-based approach in assessing BA marketing diploma papers - bilingual terminology glossaries
Prace Naukowe / Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach. Challenges for marketing in 21st century, 2017, s. 258-275, bibliogr. 5 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Kariera zawodowa, Praca, Absolwenci szkół wyższych, Rynek pracy
Professional career, Labour, Higher education graduates, Labour market
The aim of chapter is to detect the main problems young professionals face when making decisions on school choice, career building, entering the labour market and starting their own adult life. We would like to structure the problems, work out solutions and methods so that these young people could get support to a self-confident, successful career planning and labour market integration. In the first stage of the project we used individual and focus group interviews and made an exploratory research involving students in higher education between the age of 19-25. 217 students were recruited from the different specialisations of the Pannon University and the Marketing major of the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the Budapest Business School. We used non-probability quota sampling and the criteria was that the final sample had to be the most possible heterogeneous as far as geography and the different types and levels of education programmes were concerned. That is why there were students involved from Post-secondary (FOSZK), Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) levels, too. We surveyed the target group's choice on selecting the educational institutes, making decisions on faculty and specialisation choices. They were asked to evaluate the current education system's main deficits, the difficulties of career planning and entering the labour market and they were also asked to report on their main threats, problems and difficulties concerning starting their own adult life. (fragment of text)
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Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie
Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach
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