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Guo Bao-Zhu (Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Academia Sinica Beijing, P.R.China), Yang D. H. (School of Mathematics, Central South University Changsha, P.R.China)
On Existence of Shape Optimization for a p-Laplacian Equation over a Class of Open Domains
Control and Cybernetics, 2014, vol. 43, nr 1, s. 15-31, aneks, bibliogr. s. 29-31
Słowa kluczowe
Teoria optymalizacji, Teoria kontroli
Optimization theory, Control theory
In this paper, we introduce four new classes of open sets in general Euclidean space RN. It is shown that every such class of open sets is compact under the Hausdorff distance. The result is applied to a shape optimization problem of p-Laplacian equation. The existence of the optimal solution is presented. (original abstract)
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