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Torres Jaquez María Estela (University of the West, Culiacan, Sinaloa), Contreras Loera Marcela Rebeca (University of the West, Culiacan, Sinaloa)
Cooperative Organization, a Form of Entrepreneurship
Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie, 2013, t. 14, z. 6, cz. 3, s. 129-137, bibliogr. 14 poz.
Entrepreneurship and Management
Tytuł własny numeru
Firmy Rodzinne - wyzwania globalne i lokalne. Cz. 3
Słowa kluczowe
Organizacje spółdzielcze, Przedsiębiorczość
Cooperative organisations, Entrepreneurship
The entrepreneurial organization is the one that shows a behavior focused on the taking initiatives, classification and reorganization of social and economic mechanisms, risk taking and failure, for it considers in his work, innovation, creation and welfare and decision risk, among other elements. This paper presents partial results of a large study focused on cooperative organization and planning. The main objective was, to analyze the way in how the cooperative entrepreneurship Sinaloa is manifested. The collection of data was conducted through interviews with managers of fishing cooperatives and supplemented by direct observation. Among the findings we identified a proactive form of entrepreneurship to collective selfemployment generating businesses in communities with high levels of marginalization and in which the partners that make up the cooperatives also unites family ties and that fishing is carried from generation to generation through various family members. It identifies that the fisherman knows the art of fishing however is not ready for the direction of an organization and training is required for the development of planning and administrative activities of the cooperative. (original abstract)
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