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Mameli Peter (City University o New York, United States of America)
Transparency and Technology: The Use of Airborne Drones for Policing in New York City
Scientific Publications / University of Economics in Katowice. Public Risk Management. T. 1, Perspective of Theory and Practice, 2016, s. 142-152
Słowa kluczowe
Przejrzystość, Nowe technologie, Policja
Transparency, High-tech, Police
Secrecy and a lack of transparency with United States government surveilance efforts regarding national security and intelligence matters provide part of the backdrop for the thoughts offered in this essay. Such conduct does not just take us back to Cold War era spying efforts, but it also crystallizes positions articulated roughly 70 years ago in the Friedrich/Finer debate of the 1940s about the nature of professional conduct within government (Friedrich, 1940; Finer, 1941). Further still, the recent actions of Edward Snowden deepen the discussion of "Guerilla Government" investigated by O'Leary (2013). Past analysis of surveillance activities run amok has tended to focus on actions and abuses of the federal government, more than local municipalities. But today's technology widens the debate to all areas of the American political system. Uncontrolled spying within our borders is now a potential reality for all to be concerned with. A second phenomenon fueling this study is the concern with the growing militarization of American police forces. Over the last thirty years public and academic study of this topic has been sporadic, rather than sustained. (fragment of text)
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