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Nedeliaková Eva (University of Žilina, Slovakia), Panák Michal (University of Žilina, Slovakia), Kudlác Štefan (University of Žilina, Slovakia)
Process-Oriented Management Approaches on Logistic Systems
Research Journal of the University of Gdańsk. Transport Economics and Logistics, 2017, vol. 66, s. 17-24, rys., bibliogr. 9 poz.
Tytuł własny numeru
Modelling of logistics processes and systems. Part XVII
Słowa kluczowe
Transport kolejowy, System logistyczny, Zarządzanie logistyczne
Railway transport, Logistic system, Logistic management
This article is focused on research results within logistics systems in railway transport application. These views strive to encourage modern process-oriented management approaches that should be applied for supporting carriers' competitiveness on the transport market. It emphasises the importance of their using and permanent monitoring of quality services. Facing tough competition from other means of transport, railway carriers should be able to provide their customers with a full range of well-prepared transport services. Process-oriented model, solved in the research, verified in practice, can be used in a uniform manner. It is unified and thus applicable in different branches and types of business.(original abstract)
Pełny tekst
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