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Pavlova Milena (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), Skalkidis Yannis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Groot Wim (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), Sowa Agnieszka (Institute of Labour and Social Studies, Warsaw, Poland), Golinowska Stanisława (Jagiellonian University Medical College, Cracow, Poland)
A Greek Tragedy of Our Time? Institutional and Financial Dimension of Health Promotion for Older People in Greece
Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie, 2017, t. 15, nr 1, s. 62-68, tab., bibliogr. 15 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Zdrowie publiczne, Promocja zdrowia, Ludzie starsi, Polityka zdrowotna
Public health, Health promotion, Elderly people, Health care policy
Despite the numerous legislative documents and public health institutions in Greece, the country lacks a comprehensive and robust long-term policy perspective in the public health area. The traditionally higher priority attached to curative care than to public health actions, is the major reason of the shortcomings. This country report draws upon several national reports focused on the Greek health system, and other country-specific sources in order to outline the major institutional and financing challenges for health promotion in Greece, and specifically health promotion for older adults. The paper is based on the method of narrative literature review. The findings show that health promotion actions for elderly persons do take place in Greece but mainly in urban areas and/or within the framework of EU-funded projects. Government efforts are required to stimulate coordinated public health interventions at the local level focusing on the positive effects of health promotion. The health promotion programs that are successfully implemented, should receive the necessary government support to assure their long-term sustainability. (original abstract)
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