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Smoluk Marek
The Royal Treasures of Mediaeval England
International Studies : Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal, 2009/2010, vol. 11/12, s. 111-117, bibliogr. 7 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Dziedzictwo kulturowe, Zabytki, Historia
Cultural heritage, Monuments, History
The royal treasures dating from the Middle Ages, which are displayed in the Tower of London and other museum collections, are relatively modest when compared with the royal possessions the English monarchy has accumulated since Tudor times up to the present. Although the present collection of mediaeval England's royal treasure is scant, it remains a visual example of the nation's past and hard evidence of what the royal family's life was like then. The principal aim of this paper is to offer an insight into the oldest of all the royal valuables. The mediaeval kings' and queens' possessions have been classified into three groupings: one, which deals with state and religious items; the other, which discusses objects of every-day usage viz. plates, drinking vessels and saltcellars et al; the last but not least valuable category under discussion is the royal crown jewels. This overview of the royal treasures does not confine itself only to the preserved collections, but also explores the history of the royal memorabilia, which was "lost in the Wash". With the presentation of the royal treasury, the paper offers for consideration some of the legends ascribed to the mediaeval masterpieces. Those myths, irrespective of whether they are factually accurate, provide a wealth of information which allows historians a better opportunity to understand of some of England's historical events. (fragment of text)
Pełny tekst
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