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Vilcek Igor (Technical University of Kosice), Onofrejová Daniela (Technical University of Kosice)
Monitoring and Maintenance in the Process of Tool Condition in Drilling
Intercathedra, 2010, nr 26, s. 158 - 162, rys.,fot., bibliogr. 7 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Monitorowanie procesów, Awaryjność, Konserwacja wyrobów
Process monitoring, Failure rate, Maintenance of products
Requirements for flexible manufacturing have been increasing in the last years. In order to insure effective operation of expansive manufacturing equipment, which has to run automatically and unattended, tool monitoring is important. Therefore, the essential problem to be overcome to achieve the full potential of unmanned machining is the development of effective and reliably sensors systems to monitoring the process and corrective action in case abnormal operation. The ultimate goal of the development of such production equipment is to enhance the overall economic of the manufacturing process. Even when there are at present many monitoring systems commercially available in the market for tuming processes, serious difficulties still remain to be solved to apply monitoring systems successfully in machining centers. Being these difficulties mainly related with the limited accessibility to the rotating tool for sensing purposes in tool driven machining processes. Therefore, the primary objective of this paper assess the feasibility of using force signal analysis as means for monitoring tool condition in drilling (original abstract)
Pełny tekst
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