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Mirenayat Sayyed Ali (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Soofastaei Elaheh
Love, Perfection, and Egotism in Janette Oke's Fictions
International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (ILSHS), 2015, vol. 51, s. 139-142, bibliogr. 10 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Literatura, Analiza tekstu
Literature, Text analysis
Oke Janette
Love is distinguished as a feeling that begins from the lover's sight to the beloved. In societies in the past, lovers preferred to keep their relationships with the beloved in secret. It means that keeping love as a secret had been appropriate in societies. In present people's view, it is a big problem which cannot be answered with any reason, but religion. Today's lovers are not forced with such problem and they overtly speak about their beloveds. In Janette Oke's fictions, the lovers openly speak about their idiosyncratic behaviors. She shows perfect love in her novels that is against egotism which this paper tries to survey it. (original abstract)
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