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Krajcovic Martin (University of Zilina, Slovakia), Gregor Tomas (University of Zilina, Slovakia), Buckova Monika (University of Zilina, Slovakia)
Digital configurator of factories
Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem / Polskie Towarzystwo Zarządzania Produkcją, 2018, vol. 21, nr 3, s. 26-32, tab., rys., bibliogr. 21 poz.
Enterprise Management
Słowa kluczowe
Innowacyjność przedsiębiorstw, Technologie cyfrowe, Przedsiębiorstwo
Enterprise innovation, Digital technologies, Enterprises
This article introduces a new approach to the digital prototyping of factories. The problem we are describing here refers to a complex and lengthy decision-making process regarding the construction of a new factory or production. This specific area of research has been developed through many years, which is pointed in the first part of article. The solution we have offered brings a new methodology to the prototyping of factories. This solution helps to shorten the whole process of designing, building, operating and optimizing the production business. The most remarkable result of methodology application is digital configurator of factories. This configurator serves as a tool for designing and comprehensive investment assessment of the planned factories. In our view, these results represent an initial step towards managing the whole process of building a new factory, which will minimize both time and resource requirements(original abstract)
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