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Smolbik-Jęczmień Alicja (Wrocław University of Economics)
From the Editor
Od redakcji
Zarządzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi, 2022, nr 6 (149), s. 7-10
Human Resource Management
Słowa kluczowe
Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi, Pokolenia, Pokolenie Y, Pokolenie Z, Ludzie starsi, Praca, Kompetencje, Kariera zawodowa
Human Resources Management (HRM), Generation, Generation Y, Generation Z, Elderly people, Labour, Competences, Professional career
Contemporary organizations must constantly react to unforeseen changes taking place in the environment, especially the dynamic development of new IT, growing competition, significant worker diversity, and ever-increasing difficulties in acquiring and retaining qualified workers. As House of Skills (2020) research results show, gene- rational diversity and developing engaged workers continues to be in the forefront of today's challenges in the practice of managing people. In addition to other differences, workers belonging to specific generations see the surrounding world differently. This mainly stems from their systems of values, attitudes, behaviors, preferences, predispositions, habits, and especially needs and expectations with respect to both work and life. Membership in a generation has a significant impact on approach to work, methods of motivation, communication style, level of competence, professional experience, ability to utilize new technologies as well as the shaping of professional and life goals or molding one's own professional career. Thus, what makes its appearance is the need to take into account existing differences among the individual generations of workers in the process of managing human resources, especially in the context of changing conditions in the functioning of the organization. (fragment of text)
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