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Harasim Janina
Próba oceny stanu badań marketingowych w bankach regionu katowickiego
An Attempt at Evaluation of the State of Marketing Research in Banks in Katowice Region
Zeszyt Naukowy / Akademia Ekonomiczna im. Karola Adamieckiego, 1998, nr 144, s. 197-204
Słowa kluczowe
Usługi bankowe, Badania marketingowe, Banki, Studium przypadku
Banking services, Marketing research, Banks, Case study
W artykule przedstawiono wyniki analizy danych dotyczących badań marketingowych na rynku usług bankowych w oddziałach banków regionu katowickiego.

Polish banks more and more intensely become aware of the necessity of carrying out marketing research. In spite of it, in practice, such research belongs to the marketing activities very rarely undertaken by banks. They are neither systematic nor carried on a wide scale, mainly because of the very limited financial funds. Carrying out the marketing research in Poland, is mostly the domain of big banks, to be precise, their head offices which take the decisions in this field and allocate appropriate funds for that purpose. The survey carried out by the author in the banks of the Katowice region showed that their clients and rival banks were the main objects of interest. In most cases banks conduct secondary research. But they rarely decide to carry out expensive primary research. The results obtained in the study do not satisfy the information needs of banks. Almost 40 procent of the institutions that have taken part in the survey think that the inormation they have should be completed. Banks need professional methods of collecting data and the computer systems which enable the processing, analysis and usage of information in the decision taking process. The lack of such things decides of the low efficiency of the pursued marketing research. (original abstract)
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