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Kania Barbara
Rola administracji rządowej i instytucji samorządowych w procesach rozwoju i wzrostu konkurencyjności regionów (na przykładzie województwa bielskiego)
The Role of Government Administration and Local Government in the Process of Development and Increase of Competitiveness of Regions - Taking as Example the Bielsko Voivodship
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 1998, nr 517, s. 49-64
Słowa kluczowe
Infrastruktura instytucjonalna, Administracja publiczna, Samorząd terytorialny, Rozwój regionalny, Konkurencyjność gospodarki
Institutional infrastructure, Public administration, Local government, Regional development, Economy competitiveness
Na przykładzie województwa bielskiego autorka pokazała pozytywny wpływ aktywności administracji rządowej i samorządowej i ich współpracy na rozwój regionu.

The article constitutes a synthesis of the results of the research carried out in 1996 on the territory of the Bielsko voivodship. It contains a description of the existing institutions implementing the policy of regional development and an attempt is made to show how they interact. Due to the existence of a big number of small voivodship units the granting of prerogatives to government administration of the voivodship level as well as to local government is limited. The result is the lack of coordination of different elements of the regional development policy, which to a great extent has a bearing on region's competitiveness. The research proves that in the group of most active voivodships - to which the Bielsko voivodship belongs - there exists a rank-andfile tendency to engage the local government institutions in issues of the region and establish a close cooperation between those institutions and representatives of local governement and communes. A factor additionally favouring the active role of the government's local administration and local government institutions is the geographic location of the voivodship and the opportunities it provides (all the undertakings are aimed at ensuring a competitive advantage of the region in the context of affiliation to the European Union and attracting potential investors). (original abstract)
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