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Filipek Jarosław
Tożsamość firmy efektywnym narzędziem budowania wizerunku
Firm Identity as an Effective Tool in Its Image Creation
Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Marketingu w Warszawie, 2000, z. 7, s. 21-35
Słowa kluczowe
Pozycja przedsiębiorstwa na rynku, Przewaga konkurencyjna, Wizerunek przedsiębiorstwa, Marka produktu
Business strength, Competitive advantage, Company image, Product brand
Autor skoncentrował swoje rozważania wokół idei tożsamości firmy, zagadnienia osobowości firmy i marki, pozycjonowania marek firm i produktów oraz strategii tożsamości firm. Przedstawił także elementy tożsamości zależnej i rozwój efektywnego programu tożsamości.

An excellent product, efficient distribution and good management are no longer sufficient, in today's business environment because all companies are gradually reaching the same high level. The Western experience from the last several years reverals that it is a unique company image which distinguies a firm from competitors. This image can also attracts clients and convince them to start an on-going and friendly relationship with the company. In turn, this fact helps stimulate demand for a company's products and increases a business' credibility for goods supplies and financing institutions. In public's consciousness, a company's identity, is assiciated with its name and logo. However, such an understanding of a company's identity is incomplete because identity should be defined in broader terms. It should also include a dynamic and active management of the most important assets, the gatheringer information about the company itself, how it changes, what it is driving at and what makes it distinguishable from its competitors. Thus, corporate identity does not only project logos or names: it is also an efficient marketing tool which involves economic strategy and a company's aspirations. A company that possesses a recognizable image enters new markets and launches new products much easier. Furthermore, a recorgnized brand can account for tens of billion set dollars and lead to a situation where immaterial value exceed considerably the value of a company's fixed assets. This process similar to global tendencies, in building corporate identity is also noticable in Polish enterprises. It has resulted not only from legal or organisational changes, but it is a determinated movement towards building dynamic marketing and communication tools. (original abstract)
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