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Mruk Henryk
Marketing po 2000 roku
Perspectives of Marketing Development
Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Prace Katedry Marketingu oraz Katedry Organizacji i Zarządzania, 1998, nr 2, s. 11-22
Słowa kluczowe
Marketing, Marketing-mix, Otoczenie przedsiębiorstwa, Marketingowa koncepcja przedsiębiorstwa, Zarządzanie marketingowe
Marketing, Marketing-mix, Enterprise environment, Marketing concept of the company, Marketing management
Autor przedstawił zarys rozwoju oczekiwanych zmian w sferze marketingu, koncentrując się na: perspektywach zmian w otoczeniu, kierunkach zmian w elementach marketingu-mix i nowych strategiach w zarządzaniu marketingowym.

1. Environment. All changes in the environment influence decisions made by people from small and big companies, from production, wholesale and retailnig. High investments in R&D will lead to even quicker technological changes. In may cause an end to several markets and beginning to the new ones. Technological changes will force managements to pay for education and development of the personnel. The next important change is strenghten of information system what will make market segmentation easier and give more information about costumers. Services will become more important. Because of so many changes talented people will be needed, especially for top management. Changes in the society might predicted. More working women, more one-persone households, more divorces and less children wil determine marketing decisions. 2. Marketing-mix. Development of information system will leat to increased demonad for quality research. Product quality and diversification will become more important. As far as packaging is concerned, its promotional role will increase and it will have to be adjust to environmental requirements. Own brands will strenghten their position. Price credibility will be more and more important. It is expected, that producers will try to decrease promotional spends to keep prices on lower level. As far as promotion is concerned, the meaning of personal sale will probably decrease because of high costs and information system development. Advertising will become less massive and sales promotion will be main marketing tool. 3. Strategies in marketing management. Market niches will grow in their importance because of more divercified customer needs and wants. Better information about customers will let to adjust products and services to their needs. As far as global firms are concerned, megamarketing strategy will be perceived - close relationships with political groups will become necessary. The next new strategies are geomarketing and
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